Birth Positions

There are many different positions that women can choose to give birth in. There are kneeling births, standing births, side-lying births, semi-sitting births and more. Some women give birth on a birthing stool, a classic tool of the midwife. There are documents about some early Aboriginal cultures giving birth standing while using a tree for support.

“In the child development classes that I teach, I often ask my students to tell me in what position women have traditionally given birth. Lying down, they say. No, I tell them: squatting. Invariably, I get confused looks. The problem lies in the word traditionally. My class defines it as what most women in the United States have done in the last fifty years or so. I define it as what most women on this earth have done for millennia.” (Sharon Heller)

Midwives tell us that the position when labouring can drastically effect birth. Positions such as lying down are now understood to slow down labour. Position that help the pelvis to open are the best for mom and baby. Check out the video below for some useful tips on birthing positions.

6 thoughts on “Birth Positions

  1. Hannah Nowinski says:

    There are so many better ways to give birth than lying flat on your back where gravity can’t help you. Lying flat only benefited doctors, not women. No wonder so many women end up getting cesareans.

  2. Samantha Kraner says:

    Love that you are talking about this. Women and the process of giving birth has been so totally controlled by society and the medical profession. Women should give birth in the positions that are most comfortable to them. Way to go naturalmommy!

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