Doula Supported Pregnancy&Birth

Having support during one of the most momentous times in your life is vitally important. This support often comes in varying forms, including but not limited to family, friends and health care workers. Women often feel they need the loving, hands-on support of someone who has experience dealing with birth, breast feeding and the postpartum period. Fortunately, professionals who take a more personal support role are available.“In my mother’s generation, women hired a baby nurse to come and help in the first few days and weeks following birth. Today more parents in my practice work with doulas who are trained to support a mother during labour and first days and weeks following. Doula is a Greek word that refers to the main female servant in a household. Research shows that women who labour with a doula at their side have lower rates of cesarean sections and forceps deliveries, fewer requests for epidurals, and shorter labours.” (Feder, 41)Doulas are trained professionals in the birth process and in the postpartum period. They do not actually birth babies (midwives and obstetrician usually do), their support, however, is often priceless to a birthing woman and her family. Many women opt for a doula when they do not have a midwife since they can act as a positive advocate for a more natural birthing process during a hospital birth.

13 thoughts on “Doula Supported Pregnancy&Birth

  1. Lauren Fenly says:

    My doula was totally amazing and I could not have gotten through everything without her. I totally recommend one, especially if you can’t find a midwife.

  2. Eleanor says:

    This is absolutely gold. I did not expect that I’d get so much out of reading your write up! You’ve just got yourself a returning visitor 🙂

  3. Andrea Hogan says:

    Great post. We really need to talk more about women-positive birth support. I feel that today’s hospital method is totally out-of-touch with a woman’s needs, her spirit and the honouring of her experience. Hospitals should be there for emergencies, but when it is a normal birth women are totally over-medicalized. Love this site! 🙂

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