Need A Good Night Sleep?

We are very excited to introduce to you (if you have not met her already) Elizabeth Pantley. Her two books, The No-Cry Sleep Solutions for toddlers and preschoolers and her first book for babies (featured in image) are truly revolutionary. Pantley offers a much needed view on helping your child to sleep.

We all know that parents need their sleep to function. However, most sleep books and advice call for methods that simply do not work for compassionate parents who are not willing to let their child “cry-it-out” in a dark room by themselves until they learn how to “self-sooth”. The problem with that method is that we really don’t know if children have learned to self-sooth or if they have just learned that we as parents will not come to them. In other words, what we Interpret as self-soothing may actually be them giving up and internalizing abandonment.

One of the best parts of her book for toddlers is giving moms the empowerment to stop nursing their toddlers all night, while still co-sleeping if they want to.

If you are still not sleeping after reading Pantley’s books, you can also try hiring a Sleep Doula.

Tracy Ruiz, a Sleep Doula helps parents and kids get good night sleeps. She illustrates that a healthy happy household means that everyone gets sleep, when that isn’t happening, it might be time to call in a Sleep Doula.

We disagree with Tracy’s choice of baby care. At naturalmommy, we encourage more natural baby care like Sacred Lotus, Burt’s Bees or another local-hand-made variety that is chemical free and much more gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

Clip below is Ruiz interviewed on CTV Edmonton. Thanks for some good tips Tracy!

8 thoughts on “Need A Good Night Sleep?

  1. Francis Ward says:

    Sometimes I think there is too much emphasis put on routines and schedules. What ever happened to sleeping when your body is tired? I mean, a routine is good – but within reason. I just don’t think parents should stress so much if things are not going as planned.

  2. Henry Lovell says:

    I would agree with using natural products. We tried the idea of a routine, sometimes it does not work but for the most part it really helped our son. I try to be flexible mentally, so that if some nights it does not go as I planned I am still relaxed and not pulling my hair out. The routine, though, I think helps kids to feel secure since they know what is coming. BTW – LOVE your site!

  3. Jess says:

    Also, it is worth pointing out that while it is hard when babies are young, the sleeping thing inevitably gets better. Just hang in there moms (and dads)!

  4. Darria Jennings says:

    I found the “not sleeping stage” to be the hardest with all my children. Great post. Moms and dads need to know they are not alone. Sleep deprivation is very stressful.

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