NorthernMom Cloth Diapers

NorthernMom is a hand-made cloth diaper company located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.

Owned and operated by Samantha Levesque, mother of four (with one on the way!) whose passion is to manufacture custom one-size cloth diapers and share them with other parents. Samantha also enjoys making baby gifts, such as receiving blankets, knits and crochet baby hats.

NorthernMom produces easy to use cloth diapers. There are two rows of snaps ensuring a more customized fit in both the belly and leg, adjustable snaps on the rise and a cross over snap for smaller babies.

We also love NorthernMom’s re-usable baby wipes which come in a variety of fabrics such as: bamboo fleece, bamboo velour, and cotton velour. We got a chance to chat with Samantha about her biz. Check out her interview below. You can also find her on-line shop on etsy.

(NM): People often have a real aversion to using cloth diapers. How easy is it really and what would you say to people who think it is not for them?

(Samantha): My husband was one of those people. He was really apprehensive about starting, mostly because of the ‘ick’ factor. But within a few days he was right in there changing the kids with no problems. The best advice is to just try it out. You’ll find it is very similar to using disposables. These are not your Mother’s (and Grandmother’s) style of cloth diapers!

As a mom and a business owner, what are some of the challenges you have faced in balancing your work and personal life?

First and foremost I am a mother and a wife, so they take priority over whatever I do. That is why I love owning my own business and working from home. I can choose what custom orders to do and how many new products to list on my website.

How did you start your business and what brought you to this point in your career?

I really started my business, NorthernMom Diapers & Gifts with the encouragement of my husband and friends. I was making cloth diapers for several family members, including for my own children and they also suggested that I start selling them online. So I investigated it and found that Etsy was a great website for selling homemade products.

It seems like you have a real investment in using material made in Canada. What are some of the benefits to using locally made Canadian materials? Can you also explain to us what you mean by WAHM’s?

I really try hard to use materials that are made in Canada. Unfortunately there are not too many suppliers in this type of business that actually make the fabrics here in Canada. Generally they will have it milled overseas and then resell it within Canada. So on the flip side, I try hard to buy from other WAHM (work at home mom’s) like myself to help support their small businesses and families.

What are some of the benefits to using cloth diapers? In additional to the environmental benefits, we have heard that over time it is also more affordable. Is this true?

In my own experience I have found that cloth diapers are more affordable in the long run than disposable diapers. I only started to cloth diaper with my third daughter. I was able to pass along those diapers to my son and now my 5th child is due in April so I can pass them along to him/her as well. I have also found that my children did not have as many diaper rashes as my older daughters did when I used disposable ones.

We are really interested in your use of bamboo fabric and fabric that is Oeko-Tex Certified. Can you tell us a bit more about that and what using those types of materials means to you?

Oeko-Tex Certification is a voluntary testing and certification system for textiles that tests for carcinogenic dyestuffs, formaldehyde, phthalates, heavy metals, pentachlorophenol, pesticides, allergy-inducing dyestuffs, and tin-organic compounds. In other words, the bamboo fabric that is making skin contact is safe and chemical free. Who wouldn’t want that for their child?

5 thoughts on “NorthernMom Cloth Diapers

  1. Diana says:

    This might be my favourite post. It was really nice to read. Happy that you are pointing out the affordability of cloth diapers.

  2. Melena Taheri says:

    It saddens me the amount of diapers that end up in landfills. Cloth diaper are much easier than people think. I only use disposable diapers for bedtime or not at all. This is a great woman-owned company. Love this post!

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