Mod Mum – Organic Baby Sling

Lisa Kalberer is a mommy from Austin Texas. She started Mod Mum, a baby sling company for modern moms. Her product line has expanded to include maternity gowns, newborn pillow support and baby slings for dads.

“I have designed our baby slings for optimum comfort, while our designer fabrics help every mom to feel hip and chic as she carries her baby. I want all Moms to experience a convenient and comfortable way to have their baby close, yet still have the ability to get things done.”

We just love her organic baby slings, featured in image. Check out her etsy show found [here] for information on ordering her wonderful products.

Way to go Lisa!

Are you a mom who makes a natural product for other moms or for babies? Let us know about you!

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One response to “Mod Mum – Organic Baby Sling”

  1. Gloria Swanson

    This is a great baby carrier. I love the design. Thanks for letting us know about it.

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