Cubit’s Organic Seeds Give Away

To kick off the growing season we met up with Laura Watt from Cubit’s, a Canadian organic seed company. Laura is excited to offer a seed-give-away on naturalmommy. Keep reading for details of how you can win her fabulous seeds for your 2012 garden!

Laura is from Toronto Canada and she has a passion for organic gardening and helping others to grow healthy, natural food. Cubit’s offers organic, rare and heirloom seeds on-line and they have a special interest in urban gardening and local food because they believe that anyone can easily grow their own produce. It’s fun, healthier than non-organic-store-bought-produce and good for the planet too!

Laura’s passion for gardening and helping people get passionate about growing food themselves is infections. Laura’s website,, offers fun recipes and tips for what to do with all those delicious veggies and herbs after you’ve grown them! Check out her recipe for Canada’s Best Sandwich, found [here].

Some of Cubit’s seeds are truly unique, like their organic watermelon radish seeds which will turn any salad into a conversation piece. What is a watermelon radish you might be wondering? It is a radish that looks like a miniature watermelon! We also love Cubit’s organic carrot seed blend called Rainbow Carrots (featured in first image) and their beet seeds that create mouthwatering organic early-wonder-tall-top-beets (featured in second image).

What to win some of these incredible seeds?

All you have to do is like us on facebook, then, send us a message letting us know what your gardening aspirations are this year! Simple, eh?

Once a winner is chosen, Cubit’s will send them 6 packs of organic seeds to help them achieve their organic 2012 garden!

Winner will be announced at the end of May.

8 thoughts on “Cubit’s Organic Seeds Give Away

  1. Krystina Poludnikiewicz & Amrita Chaturvedi says:

    We’ve already liked Natural Mommy on FB. Our aspirations for gardening this summer is to start an organic garden in India in which we would be teaching the children from our NGO the importance of connecting to the earth and knowing how to grow fruits and vegetables. It is our belief that we should honour our farmers for growing our very sustenance and especially those who keep organic non GMO seeds to share!!

    P.S. Thanks for the info about Cubit selling organic seeds, as I’ve been meaning to research it for a while now so we can take some to India – so now we’ll buy from there!

  2. Bee Busby says:

    We are planning on adding another raised garden box and another compost bin to our little organic backyard gardening operations this summer. 🙂

    I liked on FB! Thanks for the giveaway. Love Cubits seeds.

  3. Deb Fredericks says:

    I love to garden and because I rent we can’t go too big. So we have converted an entertainment center, set for the landfill into containers to garden in our back yard. Love them!
    Would so love to win some seeds! This is a fab giveaway and I think everyone no matter where you are should learn to grow something!

  4. Valérie Dugas says:

    This year, I want to try some new herbs (maybe sage and lovage)! I would like to grow more of them too so I can make lots of pesto, tabbouleh and mint tea!!

    I liked on facebook, thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Jeannie Van Popta says:

    Liked you on FB! This year we’ve expanded our garden and are trying lots of new things like watermelon and growing our own tomatoes from seed (cubit’s seeds!).

  6. Jeanne says:

    I already love Cubit’s and use their seeds – but want more! My goals are to grow all of the things that make life a little better. I don’t have the space to grow all of my own veggies, but I can grow my salads, tomatoes, and this year I’m aiming at growing my own salsa. I also have some herb beds that have become perennials, complete with a sage bush and oregano that is nigh on invasive at this point! I want to expand every year so that for every piece of food that I bring into my house I can share one or more with neighbors.

  7. naturalmommy says:

    The winner of our Cubit’s Organic Seed give-away is Robyn Way who is wants to turn her Montreal balcony into a tiny veggie farm. She had this to say:

    “This season, I want to turn my Montreal balcony jungle into a tiny farm. I’ve had a small army of worms living under my sink, composting their little hearts out, since last summer, and they’re ready to rock those seeds! PLUS, plans for a vertical window farm have already taken root in my brain. This winter is going to be delicious.”

    Congratulations Robyn and thanks to all who participated. Please remember to check out Cubit’s on their website:

    Also say tuned on, we will be back in the fall with a story about our Cubit’s seeds and our very own organic garden on a 1000 acre nature reserve. Watch those seeds grow with us!

    • Cassandra says:

      Too bad that I missed this give-away! Will have to get some seeds from their site next season, gardens already in for this year. Thanks for introducing us to them. Naturalmommy is the best!

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