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Introducing the Huggaloops Snuggle Baby Sling. Invented by Canadian mom, Stacey Vukovics, Hugaloops is a totally unique design which uses three interlocking loops to hold baby close. Weight is distributed evenly, it is fully adjustible and made wth a double layer of 2-way stretch fabric, with double-stitched safety seams. Amazingly, there are even more reasons to love this product. In addition to being confortable and stylish, the Huggaloops baby sling has eliminated buckles or tying like with most other slings. You just slip on the loops and it is ready for baby!

We have been really excited about Hugaloops here at naturalmommy, so we met up with Stacey who agreed to do a give away with naturalmommy readers! We also just had to talk to her about her love of baby wearing and balancing business with motherhood. See below for our interview with her.

To win your Huggaloops Snuggle Sling, just like naturalmommy on facebook [here], and send us a message letting us know that you want one! We will pick a random winner and Stacey will send it out directly from Huggaloops headquarters. You can also nominate a mommy in your life that would love this product and if she wins, Stacey will send it to her for you! To make this give away even better Stacey would love for the winner to pick their own colour. She will contact the winner directly before she sends it out to let them decide the colour that best suits them. If you nominate a friend and she wins, you can pick the colour for her so it is still a surprise!

Naturalmommy: Stacey, what is your philosophy on babywearing? How important do you think it is for baby to be close to a loved-one?

SV: I think babywearing is amazing! There’s a reason this centuries-old practice has endured. In addition to the (dozens) of health benefits for both Mother and Baby, it’s such a practical tool and the sense of closeness, the bonding, is incredible. My son is 11 months old now and still loves the sling. If he’s crabby or we haven’t had a lot of time together, I’ll put him in the sling and go for a walk – within minutes, we’re back in orbit together. I encourage every new parent to find out more about the benefits of babywearing.

Naturalmommy: What inspired you to think of the baby sling in a whole new light and how did you come up with a design that would make wearing baby so comfortable and user friendly for parents?

SV: I loved “wearing” my baby right from the start! I got a soft-structured carrier as a shower gift and took him to his wellness check-up in it when he was 4 days old. It just didn’t feel right for him not to be close to me. Plus, he was much calmer in the carrier than in a stroller.

For me, the only downside was putting on the carrier and getting him into it. So I shopped around and tried every type of sling and wrap on the market but couldn’t find one that was easy enough to use consistently. Like when you want to run into the grocery store, but putting on the sling takes longer than the shopping trip itself, so you just end up lugging the carseat – I hated it, but didn’t have the time to spend standing in the parking lot trying to get my kid into a sling. So I started experimenting….

Several months and many prototypes later, I had a working design for a new kind of sling – one that allowed for all the versatility and comfort of a wrap sling or structured carrier without a single buckle, tie or strap – and no long lengths of fabric to wrap! Life got a lot easier after that – I could have baby out of the car and into the sling in under a minute.

Naturalmommy: How do you balance motherhood with owning and operating a business?

SV: It’s tough – as any working mom will attest to – but worth it! I’m lucky to be running a business that ultimately allows me to be a little closer to my kid. I use naptimes very wisely! (like right now…)

I also try to keep things simple – we manufacture in Ontario and are very hands-on in the process. We buy our fabrics locally so we can manage that process and be confident in the quality of fabrics we’re using. By keeping things local, I can be a little more hands on without sacrificing time with my son – he rides along in the sling!

Naturalmommy: What are your future plans for Huggaloops and how can people purchase your product?

SV: Being so new to the market, we’re really just starting to spread the word. I hope parents will embrace our product and that we can have a positive impact on the way babywearing is perceived and practiced in North America – there are so many benefits for parents and babies!

That’s why it’s important to me to work with retailers who reflect our philosophy and business practices. We want to work with people who are invested in their market and in their communities and who want to bring parents well made, thoughtful products.

You’ll see us in a few boutiques throughout Canada shortly and until then, we are selling directly through our site (

Naturalmommy: Where do you manufacture Huggaloops and what is the creation process like?

SV: We manufacture in the Niagara region of Canada. Our slings are made with love by Canadian moms! I personally select all the fabrics from our local suppliers, then each sling is manufactured on a specific type of sewing machine that allows for double-stitched seams to stretch while retaining tensile strength. We test each sling before it hits the market. It’s truly a labour of love!

To learn more about Huggaloops you can visit their website [here] or find them on facebook [here].

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    • caroline shrubsall says:

      how can i order one for my daughter in law who is expecting my first grandchild in April 2013 the same month that my husband died of cancer this year 2012. I am on a cpp disability and surviors benefit so money is tight. Please let me know how to purchase one as she really does want of this fantastic idea of yours. Thank you kindly

  1. NaturalMommy says:

    Congratulations to our winner Michelle Elizabeth Hearty from Ontario. Michelle is about to welcome her first baby. We are so happy for you Michelle.

    Thank you to Stacy from Huggaloops and thank you to everyone else who showed interest in this wonderful Canadian product. Keep your eyes on for more give aways to come.

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