Community Gardens + Cubit’s Organic Seeds

Community gardens are single pieces of land gardened collectively by a group of people. Community gardens are a wonderful way to save money, garden in a community and connect with the earth – especially if you live in an urban center with limited space or sun to grow your own fruits and veggies.

Community gardens can be a great way to meet people and to learn new tips from others about growing food. Community gardens are especially good for beginners because you can learn how to garden without the purchasing of land. There is also lots of support from other community gardeners and often times people share extra seeds or food they have grown.

Typically community gardens in the US, Canada and Australia are a part of larger non-profit organizations or government trusts. Many also have conservation or ecological research programs. They might even have an environmentally conscious summer camp for kids or other children’s outdoor activities. Some community gardens are also a part of larger environmental projects that are used to preserve natural areas and eco-systems.

Community gardens exist in many different forms, some of which focus on growing organic food for low-income families and helping assist people in learning how to be more self-sustaining. Many plots cost as low as $25.00 per growing season, so for $25.00 and the cost of seeds you have a great activity for kids all season long.

If your family acquires a community garden plot, this can be one of the best experiences for your kids! Kids can choose what food they want to grow, plant the seeds, care for the plants and harvest the food they grew themselves alongside their families. Upon harvest you can pickle and jar food, make jams, soups and sauces as well as many other recipes, all with your kids.

Naturalmommy’s Siobhan Bonisteel Topping was so pleased to have gardened this year with her family at an organic community garden. Siobhan teamed up with Cubits Organic Seeds to grow a variety of vegetables and herbs.

Cubit’s Organic is an organic seed company located in the East End of Toronto Ontario. Specializing in high quality organic, rare and heirloom seeds, they believe that everyone can sustainably grow their own healthy and delicious organic produce in their urban environments.

Cubit’s is owned and founded by Laura and is a family business named after a person in her family tree as well as a historical Toronto market farmer named Cubit Sparkhall. He owned a large piece of land in East End Toronto. To learn more about Cubit’s please view our article on them [here] or their website [here]. Currently Cubit’s is doing a fundraiser to purchase a small plot of land outside of the city to grow their business and more food. Please donate to them [here]. You can also view more images from Siobhan’s organic garden plot on our facebook page.

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