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“Just as the body takes in food, air, and water in order to subsist, so the soul is fed by impressions from the surrounding world. As the first caretakers to our children, we can begin to plant seeds to help ensure their healthy inner lives as well as outer bodies.” (Feder, 310) is a resource for parents who want to raise kids close to nature and without toxins. We are made up of moms and mom supporters who are united under the goal of creating a sustainable, healthy world for our kids. Our focus is on addressing the needs of our environment through exploring sustainable alternatives that support a healthy, fun and engaged family life.

“Having clean water, healthy fresh food and safe places to raise our children should be a basic right of everyone. It is our responsibility to leave our children and future generations with a clean, healthy place to live. At we embrace diversity and feel that all human beings and the components of the natural world have intrinsic value. We know that current research shows us that diversity in nature is the basic building blocks of our sustainability and that social issue such as poverty also impact environmental outcomes. We are a connected world. As such, our basic driving force is based in a simple logic; the obvious truth that If humans are the creators of the problems, they too are the solution. We are a collective of moms that are looking for positive environmental and social solutions that support a natural and toxic-free environment for our children. We want places for them to play in nature that are free of garbage, we want communities with no air pollution or violence and we want opportunities for all the world’s children to grow into their best and most happy selves.Siobhan Bonisteel, Founder

On discuss topics like homemade non-toxic cleaning recipes, organic gardening/food, midwifery care and naturopathic care. We also explore other natural parenting topics, like Attachment Parenting. What is natural parenting? Find out more [here]. We are interested in current research and data pertaining to the health of the environment and actively follow some of the world’s leading scientists. Below is a quote from Canadian scientist David Suzuki that speaks to the environmental issues that we face as a global society and as parents who want to raise healthy kids.

“Animals breathe in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Together, animals and plants keep our atmosphere in perfect balance. One of the great things about this system is that carbon dioxide and other gases in the air act like a blanket. After the sun’s rays hit Earth, the gases keep some of the heat from escaping. The heat warms the Earth and makes life possible. Amazingly, this perfect balance of gases has lasted for hundreds of thousands of years. But now we humans are threatening this balance. Almost 250 years ago, people started making things in factories. These factories burned fuels such as wood, coal, oil and gas. When they are burned, they create carbon dioxide, which goes into the air. At the same time, we have destroyed a great many forests, so there are fewer trees to absorb the extra carbon dioxide. And so the blanket gets thicker.” Canadian scientist David Suzuki from his book You Are the Earth, found [here].


Disclaimer: Our intention is to create a positive environment and natural refuge for parents as well as to share information that pertains to natural living/parenting. Please be aware that views expressed are individual based on authorship and do not directly reflect the individual views of our Editor, staff, volunteers or other participants – which like the rest of society are multidimensional, complex and ever evolving. Naturalmommy is not diagnosing anything and is not a replacement for medical treatment. We operate like a news group or community blog wherein our focus is on sharing information about natural, environmentally friendly topics or products that resonate with us and our community. Our site reflects the need to make some serious global environmental changes, but we feel by making them on the most basic level (everyday in our homes) we can create a loving culture that is hopeful about our future, not fearful. It’s about having fun with our kids, while we clean up our planet!


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