breast feeding

Breast feeding is not only the healthiest thing for your baby, but it’s great for moms too as it promotes mother and infant bonding. After the birth of your baby, your body will naturally start producing milk for your infant. There are many sources available on breast feeding as well as lots of support out there for moms who want some help navigating the waters.

The most well-known support network for women is La Leche League. They are an international nonprofit organization that promotes breastfeeding and connects mothers in order to offer mother-to-mother support. La Leche is global and available in most countries.

In addition to a support group, there is an option of hiring a lactation consultant. They will come to your home and help you to breast feed your baby. This is also something that a doula or midwife can often assist with. If you have chosen a midwife or doula, check with them to see if they can offer you extra support around nursing, should it be required. Below video features Genevieve from Mama Natural. Learn more at

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