State of World’s Midwifery Doc

Many women who want a midwife cannot have one yet, women die in child birth everyday from a lack of adequate care. The below video “highlights the importance of the role of the midwife in reducing maternal and infant mortality as well as the issues and challenges they face.”

Sharing the Wealth – Thoughts on Global Sustainability in Maternity Care

Maternal mortality is mainly a tragedy of the “third world”. There are half a million deaths world-wide due to cause’s related to pregnancy and birth and [approximately] 99% of them occur in undeveloped countries. (Omran, 91) In saying this, it is not denying the fact that over-medicalized births can be a tragedy of the “developed […]

Ontario Midwives Deserve A Raise

Natural Mommy was there yesterday when hundreds of women, babies and midwives descended on Queens Park in Toronto to rally for pay equity for the wonderful women who help birth our babies. As seen in this article from the Toronto Star [click here], Midwives have seen only two raises since becoming registered in 1994, while […]

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