Making Applesauce with Kristin Urdiales

This post is was sent to NaturalMommy by Kristin Urdiales of Nature Had it First. Two years ago when my son Keenan was five, I took him to pick apples at a friend’s orchard. Our little apple-picking outing was a bit of an afterthought and we were late in the season, so all the best […]

Raising Elijah by Biologist & Mom Dr. Sandra Steingraber

We could not be more excited to introduce the book: Raising Elijah: Protecting Our Children in an Age of Environmental Crisis by mother and biologist Sandra Steingraber. She reveals that there is a large disconnect between the research about chemicals and the chemical regulatory system. In other words, we know that certain chemicals are bad […]

NorthernMom Cloth Diapers

NorthernMom is a hand-made cloth diaper company located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. Owned and operated by Samantha Levesque, mother of four (with one on the way!) whose passion is to manufacture custom one-size cloth diapers and share them with other parents. Samantha also enjoys making baby gifts, such as receiving blankets, knits and crochet baby […]

Nothing Is New

In the Greenpeace Living Guide, it is revealed that “nothing is new”. What does that mean? It means that when we purchase items, whatever it may be, it comes from somewhere and “products are trailing strands of the most urgent narratives on the planet today: neo-liberal economic globalization, colonialism, ancient forest destruction, toxic pollution, climate […]

Make Your Own Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer

Recipe for an organic, non-toxic hand sanitizer that is made with water, veggie glycerin and vodka (option to eliminate vodka when making it for kids). It is safe, anti-bacterial and affordable! This is a healthier alternative to commercial hand-sanitizers that are often full of all sorts of harsh chemicals that we don’t want in our […]

Renewable, Salvaged and Recycled Materials

A material that will generate quickly in nature is a renewable material. A great example is bamboo since it matures quickly, in roughly 5-7 years. Further to that, bamboo does not need any pesticides to grow and requires little water. When one thinks of all the vast items that bamboo is made into it seems […]

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