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Good Food On A Tight Budget helps families stretch their dollar while eating healthy food. For this guide the Environmental Working Group reviewed government documents for nearly 1,200 foods. “We looked at food prices, nutrients, pesticides, environmental pollutants and artificial ingredients and picked the top 100 or so foods that ranked best on balance.”


Designed to help people reduce their in-take of pesticides. Find out which vegetables and fruits are the most important to buy organic in this guide by the Environmental Working Group.


A guide on how to avoid GMOs from the Center for Food Safety. This guide is jam-packed with information everyone should know – covering everything from what foods contain GM ingredients as well as lists of non-GM food companies. “Most GM ingredients are products made from the “Big Four:” corn, soybeans, canola, and cottonseed, used in processed foods.”


The Institute for Responsible Technology had written about GM foods in this document. “adverse findings in animal studies have prompted the American Academy of Environmental Medicine to call for an immediate moratorium on GMOs.”


Hair care recipes with food grade ingredients by David Suzuki’s Queen of Green. All recipes are free of parabens, toxins and synthetic fragrances. They will also save you money. You’ll even find something for your family dog!


Do This, Not That is a natural labour guide available on Written by Midwife & Natural Birth Instructor Elizabeth MacKay & Shalon Sims. This guide was written to help women avoid unnecessary interventions during childbirth. Elizabeth is also the creator of the Peaceful BirthTM System, which can be found [here]. Get 50% off when you enter the naturalmommy discount code: Nm134

Wondering what you actually need for your new baby? If so, this free guide by Mama Natural is for you. The goal of this free baby registry checklist is to include everything you need to ensure your baby is comfy and cared for – and nothing more.