Safely Ever After – A Safety Resource for Parents

Safety is a subject that all parents worry about. It is also a subject where most of us need some guidance or at least a refresher. Having some safety tools in your parenting tool-box can relive some of the tension and offer empowerment. This is why we had to introduce you to the amazing web-site, Safely Ever After by mom & certified prevention educator Pattie Fitzgerald. She offers practical, down-to-earth strategies for keeping our kids safe.

As she says, “there is more to keeping kids safe than just teaching the stranger-danger concept.” She takes a positive, no-fear approach and challenges traditional safety-strategies. One of her tips is to teach kids which strangers are safe: “If you kids get separated from you at the mall, tell her to flag down the first mom with kids she sees.” In other words, other moms are safe strangers. Another thing to tell kids according to Fitzgerald: safe grownups don’t ask kids for help!! (They go to other grownups if they need assistance). Good one!

Fitzgerald’s web-site offers tips and safety rules for kids. She also has a “did you know?” section which is devoted to teaching parents about predators. Importantly, she helps parents know what they should tell their kids and encourages open dialogue between parent and child. She also encourages parents and kids to go with their gut feelings. When you get a bad feeling about someone, trust your instincts! Also, listen to your kids when they get a bad feeling because they might be picking up on something that you’ve missed.

Check out Safely Ever After [here].